Having stretch marks can be very humiliating. You will wear anything to conceal these ugly marks. When one has stretch marks they are always so willing to go to any lengths and will use just about any product that promises to get rid of the flaws.

However, no matter how much you spend on various products that promise to get rid of the marks, nothing seems to work. It has reached a point where one retires to the thought that these marks will probably remain there for the rest of your life.

An overview on stretch marks

Stretch marks can be defined as scarring that is gotten from excess stretching of the skin. It is possible to get stretch marks from sudden increase in weight, obesity and pregnancy. These marks are normally visible on the belly, the bottom, the arms and calf muscles.

There are numerous methods known for stretch mark removal; from surgical methods to the use of home made products. Another way is with the use of stretch mark removal creams. One such cream is the Trilastin Sr. This stretch mark removal cream has gained a lot of fame over the last few years and it was also featured in the Tyra banks show.

What is the Trilastin SR cream?

This is an anti-stretch mark cream which promises to prevent as well as repair damaged skin. This is a product that offers hope to people who have lived with stretch marks for the longest time and those who have tried other products to no luck.

According to the makers of the product, Trilastin Sr has the ability to reduce stretch marks as well as skin discoloration within a month. They also claim that this cream has the ability to increase the skin’s elasticity and resilience thereby protecting the skin from further development of stretch marks.

How Trilastin Sr works

This product contains elastin and potent collagen. These two ingredients are required for healthy skin. Elastin ensures the elasticity of the skin is maintained while collagen ensures the skin remains firm. With these two ingredients, Trilastin is able to ensure the skin does not develop stretch marks even after stretching it also ensures that the skin recovers from stretch marks.

Trilastin Sr is also created using soy. This is a component that offers all eight essential amino acids which aid in the protein synthesis. With proper protein synthesis, general cell health, function and vitality are improved.

This product has also been made using several technologies that create skin patches made from proteins which aid in maintaining the skin hydrated. It also helps in repairing tissues around the affected areas thereby gradually reducing the appearance of the stretch marks.

Attributes of the product

There has been much hype going round about this product. The makers of the product claim that it is the solution to everyone’s stretch mark problem. According to the makers of this product, it is claimed that once you start using Trilastin Sr cream, you will notice a tremendous reduction in stretch marks appearance.

Actually, it is stated that one may start noticing changes within the first three weeks of using the product. The makers of the product also claim that it is effective on newly formed stretch marks as well as the ones that have been there for years.

This product is also claimed to work for both genders. This means that even men with stretch marks can use it. The makers of Trilastin Sr also claim that this product is suitable for people of all skin complexions.

These attributes related to the Trilastin Sr cream are the reasons why most consumers are purchasing the cream.

Does it really work?

Since the introduction of Trilastin Sr to the market, there has been a positive reaction from consumers about the product.

Customer Testimonials

I have been using it for 3 mnths now, Trilastin and it is amazing. I would highly recommended to anyone and everyone. Well worth the money.
– Aimee Bernard

I started using trilastin about a month ago, and its ABSOLUTELY AWSOME…my stretch marks have gotten lighter and thinner, just all together a lot less visible.
Its a bit pricey but so worth it!you HAVE to try it!
– Oleander

I was skeptical but I used this product all the way through the first bottle and saw a great decline in visibility of stretch marks on my lower back. I would recommend it.
– Nick

Trilastin SR Before and After Pic

Purchasing Trilastin Sr

You can purchase Trilastin Sr from a variety of places however it is cheapest by purchasing it through the official Trilastin Sr website. It is advisable to purchase a supply that will last you at least two months. This will cost around $150 and it comes with free shipping plus a 2 months guarantee.

User tip: take before and after pictures of the stretch marks to be able to notice if there are any changes after using Trilastin Sr.

Final recommendation

Judging from the technology and ingredients used to make Trilastin Sr it has the potential to work very well. It is worth noting that Trilastin Sr has received more positive reviews and ranks than many other products in the same category. If you are looking for a solution to your stretch marks, we suggest you give Trilastin Sr a try. If you are not satisfied with the results, you always have the benefit of the 2 month money back guarantee.

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