How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks


This is the piece for you if you have been wondering about how to get rid of stretch marks. Stretch marks are probably the reason why you will not put on your bikini swimsuit; wear sleeveless tops and t-shirts, shorts and many other clothes that will show off your arms and thighs. These are as much a problem for men as they are for women. Getting rid of these marks is something you have probably considered or are trying to do. These can be brought by a number of ways ranging from giving birth, rapid weight loss, rapid weight gain and any other change in the body that will cause the skin to shrink or expand rapidly.


These cannot always be easily dealt with using surgery due to the nature of the stretch marks. It however comes in handy in extreme conditions when tummy tucks and liposuction is needed. Stretch marks come in a number of colors depending on your skin pigmentation. Darker people will have red or light colored ones while lighter people will have lighter or darker ones. These look like streaks on the skin and do not look pleasant at all.

7 tips on how to get rid of stretch marks

Tip 1

Take action! As soon as you start to see stretch marks on your body, you need to treat them immediately. The longer they stay on the skin the more the skin takes in to their form. They are also an indication of a weight gain or loss. They could be good news or bad news. They will not look good in any form of the news though. Getting rid of them will also be a call to action for the state of the body. The earlier the easier they also go away.

Tip 2

Using a moisturizer will deal with skin condition exponentially. A good moisturizer will tone the skin and increase plasticity. As long as the skin is hydrated, it will be able to restore a good form of pliability. The moisturizers should be used along with drinking a lot of water. The more the skin has in terms of moisture, the better its condition.

Using cocoa butter products or Shea butter moisturizers will do the trick. Make sure you massage the moisturizer deep in the skin for maximum penetration. You can do this about four times a day for the best results.

Tip 3

You need to be careful about the products in the market. This is a valuable tip as many products will promise to deal with stretch marks but will not. You probably have by now been a victim. These products may damage your skin more than help it. You do not need to risk the condition of your skin with these products.

Tip 4

It was found that wheat germ oil will deal with stretch marks in their early stages. This has to be used early in the process and that is why it is important to keep checking your body for the same. If you are undertaking weight loss programs, you need to keep this by your side to deal with the marks. The fact that it is a natural ingredient makes it 100% safe for you to use.

Tip 5

The level of collagen in your skin and body determines the plasticity of the skin. The lesser the collagen levels the lesser the plasticity and vice versa. The use of Glycolic acid will improve the levels of collagen in your skin thus increases the plasticity. This is administered by a dermatologist and will cost you about $100. You will also need to see the dermatologist about 3 to 4 times before achieving any significant results.

Tip 6

Vitamin C will also do the trick. It also improves the levels of collagen in the body. This can be combined with Glycolic acid for better effects. You can also access this formulation from eating food rich in Vitamin C over the long haul. Eating these will also keeps your skin healthy and keep the marks away.

Tip 7

Use trusted anti stretch mark creams that have been tried and tested. Trilastin SR is one such cream that has been used over time to defy the effects of ageing on the skin. The cream targets the skins elasticity, resilience and improves the skins structure. The product helps those with stretch marks not only lose them but also improve the overall look of the person, allowing them to look much younger than their years would state.



Getting rid of stretch marks will give you the confidence to face the world, and wear what you like. It is wise to research on the subject before picking any invasive methods. This will keep you safe as you get rid of the marks. Some techniques will be effective but may take a while to see results such as the natural methods.

Others on the other hand such as the use of laser for example, may give you the desired outcome, however may cost you many hundreds if not thousands of dollars without any certainties. Some creams such as Trilastin SR have received positive customer reviews and may be another less expensive option to consider.

The important point to be made here though is that if you are reading this, it means you are clearly looking for a solution to the problem, as that is the first step towards getting rid of the stretch marks you have on your body. It is vitally important that you now take action before waiting too much longer. Stretch marks won’t simply disappear, you will need to implement a solution to the problem, and we hope this article has been able to guide you through some of the options that are widely available on the market today.

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