Using Laser To Remove Stretch Marks

laser-stretchmarksStretch marks are a very common skin problem that can appear on your legs, thighs, stomach, and arms.  However, just like any other skin condition, stretch marks happen to be quite tough to eliminate.

One of the top ways would have to be by using laser to remove stretch marks. There has already been a ton of proven research that backs up the effectiveness of laser treatments for stretch marks.

One of the main reasons why laser treatments are so effective for the reduction of stretch marks is the fact that it demolishes the main source of the stretch mark. Thus thoroughly eliminating the stretch mark and providing long term results.

How Effective Is Laser?

Using laser happens to be most effective when treated on immature stretch marks, which are basically the stretch marks that are still reddish in color. However, many doctors have said that there are laser treatments that treat all sorts of skin tones.

Furthermore, darker skin types can be treated by laser treatments, but are generallyLaser-Treatments-For-Stretch-Marks-Improvement-278x300 considered non advisable for some, largely because of the risks caused by hyper pigmentation changes within the skin.

Many doctors who have performed many different kinds of cosmetic procedures with lasers state that there aren’t much laser treatments that solely treat stretch marks of all skin tones.

The reason for this is that these lasers only work best on lighter and reddish skin tones. However, you can experience some sort of improvements regardless of your skin tone, because it was thoroughly made to eliminate stretch marks.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Laser To Remove Stretch Marks


  • One of the main advantages of using laser to remove stretch marks is the fact that they happen to not come with any side effects whatsoever. Laser treatments provide fast and effective results that not many other treatments can offer.
  • Laser treatments happen to also be very popular, because there has already been proven results even on the most stubborn types of stretch marks.


  • The only disadvantage to laser treatments is the fact that it happens to be quite expensive to attain. However, other then that, it happens to be the best possible treatment to get if you want to quickly experience results.

User Experience On Using Laser To Remove Stretch Marks

The following are just example testimonials we found that had used laser as a treatment for stretch marks:

– Jasmine Copton

“For years I have dealt with stretch marks even after I lost my baby weight. Though after investing a decent amount of money on laser treatments, I have finally been able to have my toned and smooth stomach and legs

– Jeremy Crocker

“People kept asking me why I had stretch marks if I was a dude, and I would always tell them that it was because I was 350 pounds before, and though I lost the weight, I still felt so conscious with my appearance. After laser treatments I finally was able to achieve the perfect body without any stretch marks after just 5 laser sessions.”

Alternatives To Laser Treatments For Stretch Marks

Trilastin SR

Trilastin SR is a type of cream that has proven to slowly eliminate the main source of stretch marks. This is a highly popular treatment for stretch marks that many men and women use to naturally treat their stretch marks, as it really does show effective results.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also a natural alternative to treating your stretch marls, but the best part is the fact that it won’t cause any side effects whatsoever. Aloe Vera contains tightening nutrients that have proven to slowly bring back the enzymes back in the area that used to have stretch marks.

Baby Oil

This is a very effective method but it does require a lot of work. You simply apply the baby oil on your body three times a day and you will see that it works remarkably well.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very famous method and people have been using it for years. It is worth trying.

Body Wraps

The last treatment that effectively eliminates stretch marks is by simply using body wraps, but the best part to this treatment is the fact that it also helps to eliminate cellulite and dimples.


Overall, these are only some of the alternatives to using laser to remove stretch marks. Laser is no doubt a very effective method, however for most it is out of their price range as most prices start at around $200 per treatment, with multiple treatments required before seeing desired results.

If you would like to know more on the alternatives, our main recommendation based on user experience has been with the use of such creams as Trilastin SR which you can read more about it here. Otherwise if you have had positive results with other alternatives not mentioned above, please feel free to comment below or send us an email informing us of your findings.


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